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Alexis Cribbs smiling broadly, wearing striped bowtie, sweater and black jacket

Current employment and/or volunteer work:

I'm currently a management consulting business analyst at Accenture.  I am currently the founder and co-lead of the Accenture Charlotte office LGBT Employee Resource Group, where I work to promote visibility, equality, and ally involvement throughout the office.

Suggestions/recommendations for current UNC students regarding career preparation, job searches, or career success:

Own your college career as it is the best preparation for life outside of college.  Continue to be yourself and push yourself a little harder each day.  Be eager to learn and collaborate with your colleagues.

What do you know now that you wish you would have known as a UNC student?

I wish I would have known to network professionally, particularly within the LGBTIQA community.

I would be willing to be a resource to students by...

Providing information/advice about my current career area, my geographic area, internship or summer employment opportunity with my organization, and regarding pursuit of graduate or professional degrees.  Also, sharing experiences regarding disclosure or nondisclosure of LGBTQ identities on applications, to employers, or to colleagues.