Student Affairs - Fostering Student Learning and Success

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Current employment and/or volunteer work:
Clinical Research Coordinator at Duke University.  Prior to this I was a medic in the US Army through two deployments.  I’ve also volunteered at Urban Ministries of Durham and have some experience with local Veterans Affairs programs.

Suggestions/recommendations for current UNC students regarding career preparation, job searches, or career success:
Do not overlook networking.  It may be the most important way to find a new job.  Keep a contact list of people you know and meet, particularly if they work in career fields you’re interested in, and try to maintain a connection, even if it’s just checking in on a yearly basis.

What do you know now that you wish you would have known as a UNC student?
Hard work pays off, and slacking can hold you back later on.  If you feel like you’re losing interest and motivation, take a break.  It’s better to take time away from school than to stay in and cause your educational experience to suffer.

I would be willing to be a resource to students by…
Sharing experiences regarding disclosure or nondisclosure of LGBTQ identities on applications, to employers, or to colleagues.