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Current employment and/or volunteer work:
Following graduation in the spring, I will be staying in the area to work and prepare for a three-month trip to Iceland, where I will be performing exploratory social and political research focused on gender equity and progressive governance.  After that…we will see!!!

Suggestions/recommendations for current UNC students regarding career preparation, job searches, or career success:
Get out there!  I know it’s like beating a dead horse, but seriously – NETWORK – but with the right people.  Take as many trainings and skill workshops as you can, of course, and intern – also with the right kind of folks.  Even if you don’t plan on working in the public sector or non-profits, etc., the experience you gain and impact you have will revisit you threefold.

What do you know now that you wish you would have known as a UNC student?
That I can do anything I want.  I didn’t realize that until my senior year – but there really aren’t many limitations while you are surrounded by so many resources.  Just think – when you graduate, everything will cost tons of money to access…academic journals, legal services, filming equipment, computer repair, library memberships, traveling, etc.  But while you are here, as long as you ask around, you’re bound to find support for just about anything.  Heck – I’m going to Iceland for three months with no cost to myself.  Study abroad, dammit!

I would be willing to be a resource to students by…
Whatever open-ended stuff…just about any questions…