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LGBTQ Center staff and volunteers are available for guest presentations or facilitation of workshops. It is best to contact us 2-3 weeks in advance in order to ensure securing your preferred date and so that we can tailor the presentation to best fit your needs.  Examples of previous presentations and workshops include:

  • LGBTIQ 101: A basic overview of topics, concepts, issues, and resources relevant to sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.
  • Gender Identity, Gender Expression, and Transgender Communities:  A presentation about concepts related to gender identity and gender expression, inclusive language, resources, and strategies for being an ally to people of diverse gender identities and gender expressions.
  • LGBTIQ Youth in Schools:  Information about current research on campus climate, legislation, policy matters, resources, and youth development.

  • Culturally Competent Counseling with LGBTIQA-identified People:  Information about identity development, common mental health/counseling issues, counseling strategies, and resources.
  • Culturally Competent Health Care for LGBTIQ-identified People:  Information about providing an environment that encourages disclosure of all relevant information, common health issues, and resources.

  • Interpersonal and Relationship Violence in LGBTIQ communities:  Information about current research on interpersonal and relationship violence in same sex partnerships, relevant concerns for LGBTIQ people in relationships, and relevant resources.
  • Workplace and Job Search Issues for LGBTIQ-identified folks:  Information about relevant legal issues, frequently asked questions about the job search (e.g., disclosing sexual orientation or gender identity, identifying inclusive companies), and resources.

We create and tailor workshops and presentations to best address the topics and objectives of the instructor, department, or organization. If you would like to request a presentation or workshop, please complete the Presentation Request Form at least two weeks in advance.

This helps us better prepare for your group.