LGBTIQA+ Advocacy Award Recipients

About the Award

This award recognizes student, faculty, and staff contributions to or advocacy on behalf of the LGBTIQ communities at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Individuals who have elevated the status of LGBTIQ-identified persons and/or allies; helped to improve campus or community policies affecting LGBTIQ-identified persons; or enhanced visibility and awareness of LGBTIQ issues are eligible for nomination. Each year, volunteer members of the Advocacy Award Committee works hard to determine the winners. 



Undergraduate Award: Summer Pennell

Graduate/Professional Award: Jacob Ford



Undergraduate Award: Cèsar Rodriguiz

Graduate/Professional Award: Stephen Krueger



Undergraduate Award: Ariana Rivens

Graduate/Professional Award: Kimberly Pentel

Faculty/Staff Award: Kai Ewing



Undergraduate Award: Morgan Korzik

Graduate/Professional Award: Leigh Spivey

Faculty/Staff Award: Alejandra Márquez Guajardo



Undergraduate Award: Graeme Strickland

Graduate/Professional Award: Noa Nessim and Margo Faulk

Faculty/Staff Awardee: Dr. Brad Figler