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Hashtags for the week:  #ImagineLiberation #UNCPrideWeek #LettersOfLiberation 

Sample Posts/Tweets 

Follow #UNCPrideWeek and #ImaginationLiberation for the latest news about Pride Week at UNC.  

Pick up your free #UNCPrideWeek shirt at any of the Pride Week events (attach image of the shirt and link to

Puppies and Pride Week today at the LGBTQ Center table in Davis Courtyard from 11a-2p. Stop by and say hi and pick up a pride flag for your pup! #UNCPrideWeek 

Check out the #UNCPrideWeek events at

Stop by the LGBTQ Center table in the Davis Courtyard today to learn more about #UNCPrideWeek! 

Free Pride Week shirts will be given out to students at all events until they run out! #ImagineLiberation (attach pic) 

Members of the Carolina community are encouraged to participate in the participatory action research project “Photovoice: What Does Liberation Look Like at UNC?” by taking and uploading photos on what liberation on campus looks like to them. Stop by the LGBTQ table from 11a-2p to participate! #ImagineLiberation #UNCPrideWeek 

(April 5/6) #UNCPrideWeek Today: 11a-2p| The Pit/Davis Courtyard | Photovoice: What Does Liberation Look Like at UNC? |  

Members of the Carolina community are encouraged to participate in this participatory action research project by taking and uploading photos on what liberation on campus looks like to them. #ImagineLiberation 

(April 6) #UNCPrideWeek Today: 11a-2p The Pit/Davis Courtyard |Wags Wednesday/Letters of Liberation |Stop by play with a pup while you create a message to share with a LGBTQ youth to offer hope! #LettersOfLiberation 

(April 6) #UNCPrideWeek Tonight: 7-8p| Carolina Union Rm 3209 | Writing Resilience: Poetry from Pathology a QGAPS erasure reading and talk by a white queer antiracist poet and a newspaper blackout poetry workshop accessible to beginners. 

(April 6) #UNCPrideWeek Tonight: 8 p | Carolina Union Rm 3209 |Letters of Liberation | Create handmade letters and art for LGBTQ youth to deliver hope and encouragement. #LettersOfLiberation 

(April 7) #UNCPrideWeek Today: 5p| Carolina Union Aud. | A Conversation with adrienne maree brown on Afrofuturism |Hosted by student, Mariel Eaves and followed by a reception with vegan and gluten free food sponsored by the Spotted Dog.  

Accounts to Follow:

Facebook: LGBTQ Center 

Twitter: LGBTQ Center: @lgbtq_unc  | Student Affairs: @unc_sa 

Instagram: Student Affairs @uncstudentaffairs 

Gay 4 the Play...List

This playlist is part of celebrating our love and support for everyone in the LGBTQ+ family and community. We invite everyone to enjoy and suggest songs that express our experiences and make us feel empowered liberated and loved!

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Game Suggestions from Center Ambassadors

All these games are #ownvoices and playable on chrome (at least.) This list is currently organized by the approximate length of time it takes to play the game.

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