Session Type: Creative

Personal Archives, Bad Feelings, and Queer Futurity
My personal archive is full of “bad feelings,” and ripe for exploration. By appropriating it, I try to both harness the bad feelings it contains to neutralize its negative charge […]...
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Artist talk discussing two static visual artworks displayed below: "wart_+_-betrayal-444" (left) and "blue-light-fallen_1111" (right). wart_+_-betrayal-444 Image Description: A portrait-oriented painting shows swathes of mostly warm color in loose brushwork. The […]...
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Dear Mom: A Quick Look into Cryptids, Growing Up, and Gender
This is a short film delivered through spoken word and video collage. It explores one person's struggle to come out as transgender to their mother.  Presenter Kaidyn Radford, Undergraduate StudentDepartments […]...
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