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LGBTIQA+ and Growing Older

In February 2006, MetLife Mature Market Institute, the Lesbian and Gay Aging Issues Network of the American Society on Aging undertook the first U.S. national survey of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender baby boomers 40-61 years of age.

  • One in four respondents said they had provided care for an adult friend or family member within the last six months.
    • 36% caring for parents
    • 18% caring for partners
    • 14% caring for friends
    • 12% caring for nonrelatives
  • Even though at least three-quarters of the respondents expect to become caregivers for someone else, almost one in five reported being unsure who will take care of them when the need arises. This was especially the case for those without partners or spouses.
  • 27% reported great concern about discrimination as they age, and less than half expressed strong confidence that healthcare professionals will treat them "with dignity and respect."
  • Often LGBTIQA+ seniors do not feel included in community LGBTIQA+ organizations. Click here to learn more about some national resources as well as a triangle organization where seniors can connect with each other around issues important to them.

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