The Center invites alums* of the University to keep updated through our quarterly newsletter, annual magazine, and alum recognition program. The University Development Office and Provost’s Committee on LGBTQ Life have also created an LGBTQ-affinity alum program: Carolina Pride Alum Network (CPAN).


Aluminate Magazine

In Aluminate, our semi-annual Alum magazine, we provide an opportunity to stay connected to the Center's ongoing changes, challenges, and achievements. Each issue, we interview and feature a randomly chosen Alum from those who have submitted to the Alum Information Form. It is distributed via the LGBTIQA Alum Listserv - sign up to receive the next edition! View previous editions on blurb.


Carolina Pride Alumni Network

The Carolina Pride Alum Network (CPAN) seeks to foster community among LGBTQ+ alumni/ae, faculty, staff and students.  Our purpose is to institutionalize engagement that serves our membership, progress for our community, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


LGBTQ Center Alum Recognition

Too often the accomplishments of LGBTIQA+ folks go unheralded or without the recognition deserved. The LGBTQ Center staff would like to showcase the wonderful adventures and accomplishments (professional and personal achievements) of our UNC Alum. We'd also like to provide visible role models and a list of folks who are willing to contribute information and/or time to new generations of Tarheels. To that end, we are creating an online Alum directory and showcase. We invite UNC alum to share a little about their adventures since graduation as well as to serve as a resource contact. If you are willing to participate in this project, please complete the alum information form. The information will be compiled and made available on our website. You may also be asked to be a featured alum in an upcoming edition of Aluminate!

Click here for the Alum Information Form.


UNC-CH LGBTQ Alum Listserv

Please consider joining our Alum listserv. A few times during the year, we will send out updates about what we are doing and how Alum can get involved. This is also where we send out Aluminate.

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* ”Alum” is the singular, gender-neutral term for someone who has graduated from an educational institution.


Frequently Asked Questions:

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Why do you use the term "alums" instead of alumni?


The words that we have used to refer to people who have attended or graduated from a school, college, or university have changed a bit over the past several centuries. Traditionally, the word alumnus has been used to refer to a single male, whereas alumna has been used for a single woman. Initially the plural forms were alumni to refer to multiple men (or multiple men and women) and alumnae for multiple women. A little over a hundred years ago the shortened form of alum began to be used to describe a graduate or past attendee of either gender. Although many people feel that alum is informal, it is in increasing use, and we appear to be moving toward a greater acceptance of the word. The plural of alum is alums.

First Known Use of alum: 1877, in the meaning defined above

Do I have to be an alum to get the newsletter?

No. Many individuals who receive the Alum Newsletter are current/former faculty, staff, donors of the University, or are general supporters of the LGBTQ Center.