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Promotional Image for LGBTQ Center AmbassadorsLGBTQ Center Student Ambassadors

Do you love meeting new people? Do you have ideas or suggestions about LGBTQ Center programming? Are you interested in helping to raise campus awareness of LGBTQ identities and communities?

If so, you might be a great fit for the LGBTQ Center Ambassadors program. As an ambassador, you will brainstorm with Center staff to come up with awareness strategies and social events around visibility days. You’ll also be tasked with helping to design promotional and educational material. You may also serve as one of the faces of the LGBTQ Center: doing things like greeting people at the Center After Dark, talking to students in the Pit on bi/ace/intersex/etc visibility days, speaking on a panel, and/or helping out at Center events.


Spring 2021 Schedule

Ambassadors meet every other Wednesday starting January 27th from 7:00pm - 8:00pm, with a bonus interest meeting on 1/20. 

Contact our Assistant Director or join the Center Ambassadors GroupMe to get involved.

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Safe Zone Facilitation

Interested in learning to facilitate Safe Zone Trainings?  Our Safe Zone program would not be possible without volunteers.  The demand for Safe Zone keeps increasing and we need more facilitators to keep the program growing. If you have completed a foundational training (Safe Zone: Standard or Safe Zone: Health Care), completed at least one Continuing Education training, and demonstrated commitment to continuing your own allyship education through other means, becoming a Safe Zone Facilitator is a great way to contribute to helping create a more welcoming, inclusive campus climate.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Complete Safe Zone: Standard or Safe Zone: Health Care training
  • Complete at least one Continuing Education training
  • Available for one four-hour facilitator training
  • Available for multiple four-hour observation and co-facilitation sessions before being approved to facilitate alone

Contact our Assistant Director for details, after you have completed all available foundational and continuing education trainings.


LGBTIQA+ Speaker Series

(Formerly Graduate Speaker Series) LGBTIQA+ Speaker Series is a program of QGAPS (Queer Graduate and Professional Students), a collaboration between the LGBTQ Center and the Graduate School's Program for Diversity & Student Success, with the goal to share the work of graduate & professional students, faculty, and local researchers conducting research related to sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.

If you are conducting LGBTQ-related research and are interested in presenting, see details and the application form here.


LGBTIQA+ Advocacy Award Committee

Committee members will review nomination forms and select the LGBTIQA+ Advocacy Award recipients (one graduate/professional student winner and one undergraduate student winner) based on preset criteria. Awards will be presented to one graduating undergraduate and one graduating graduate/professional student.

Click here for more information and to apply.


Lavender Graduation Event Support

Lavender Graduation is a commencement ceremony honoring Sexuality Studies minors, graduating LGBTIQA+ identified students, and their allies. It is a cultural celebration that acknowledges the achievements and contributions that students of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions have made. Undergraduate student and graduate/professional student winners of the LGBTIQ Advocacy Award are announced during the ceremony.

Contact our Assistant Director for details.

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