We want to empower queer people to succeed in tech fields, build community, and inspire innovation. We are trying to change the culture of hackathons with the first queer hackathon – a hackathon hosted by and for queer students of all backgrounds.

Tech classrooms, hackathons, and companies have historically been dominated by cis straight white men. Queer people feel isolated and excluded in these spaces, which is why there is low queer representation in tech fields and poor retention of queer students, particularly queer women of color, in computer science classrooms.

Representing queer_hack’s at Queer FallFest:

Jasper Christie

Co-Director of Social & Skill Development

Pronouns: they/them


Jasper is double majoring in Computer Science and Biology. In addition to planning events and workshops for queer_hack, they’ve worked with LGBTQ+ youth in the nonprofit youth autonomous organization iNSIDEoUT, and hope to support more queer and trans people pushing for change in their communities and the tech space.

Felice Policastro

Felice Policastro

Director of Marketing

Pronouns: he/him


Hey, my name is Felice (fuh-lee-chay) and I'm a gay hispanic dude who's double majoring in comp-sci and Japanese. I'm the marketing director of queer_hack and am a founding member so I love it very much. I'm into video games and coding and general nerdy stuff.

Kipp Williams

Executive Director

Pronouns: he/him


Kipp is a senior majoring in Computer Science and Public Policy. He is passionate about tackling inequities, particularly in the tech industry, and he previously served as a Co-President of the Campus Y. He enjoys skateboarding, baking, and video games in his free time.

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