Q-Connect & OUTreach

Q-connect & OUTreach is a public service organization serving to support LGBTQ youth within the state of North Carolina. Our organization seeks to provide education, resources, support and mentorship to LGBTQ youth. Furthermore, we take pride in providing research-based and empirically validated ways to address and create dialogue around School-based bullying, mental health and homophobia. After meeting with our LGBTQ youth, we continue connecting and providing OUTreach through our forum and mentoring program. Student apart of our mentoring program can provide assistance with things such as transitioning to college, college fit in regards to LGBT inclusivity/acceptance and how to get more involved in LGBTQ organizations. The benefit of such a mentorship program is that many of our mentors have had experienced growing up queer first hand, so we can provide a unique, authentic and empathetic perspective to LGBTQ youth.

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