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Karlie Kemper

Karlie Kemper

Karlie is a Masters Student in the UNC School of Social Work, with a focus on homelessness, anti-racist education, and music therapy. They coordinate the LGBTQ Center’s Queer Graduate and Professional Student (QGAPS) program and love to facilitate meaningful & quirky activities, brainstorm creative collaborations, and build community. 

Karlie feels lucky to continue growing in their 9+ years experience facilitating educational programs (with lessons on active listening through music, gender pronouns through play, racial affirmation through art, and restorative justice through playground conflict resolution) and 3+ years of administrative experience (collaborating on research studies about social-emotional learning, juvenile justice reform, and accessible education for rural, Black, Latinx, and Pacific Islander students). 

When not working or studying, Karlie loves to garden, build wobbly furniture, and make music! 

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