Center After Dark

Center After Dark

Center After Dark on Zoom

Join the LGBTQ Center Ambassadors and other LGBTIQA+ or allied students for games, movies, crafts, and discussions. Meet us every other Wednesday via Zoom to reconnect with friends or to make new ones!

Starting March 25, 2020 Center After Dark will be held via Zoom until further notice.


Fall 2020 Schedule

Every other Wednesday from 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm starting 8/19/2020.

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RSVP on HeelLife for Zoom link

Every Center After Dark will include a meeting room for low-key discussion and hanging out, and an activity room.

Activities (subject to change)

  • 8/19 Jackbox Games Party Pack 4
  • 9/02 Jackbox Game Party Pack 3
  • 9/16 Movie Night
  • 9/30 Crafts
  • 10/14 Jackbox Games
  • 10/28 Movie Night
  • 11/11 Crafts


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How to get ready for a Zoom meeting

To prepare, please make sure Zoom is downloaded on your device. Get instructions on downloading Zoom here.

Update your Name, Pronouns and Profile Photo so you don’t show up with your Onyen or your Formal Name.  Both can be handled by clicking the top right corner icon (highlighted below) and select My Profile.  It will take you to a website where you can adjust your photo and the display of your Name, along with other fields.  (Suggestion: Change your Last Name to include your pronouns e.g. “Eaves (they/them)”).

Contact us via GroupMe or Slack if you get stuck in the waiting room!

How to get ready for gaming

To play Jackbox games, each player needs to pull up on a phone or other web-enabled device to use as their controller (if your device has split-screen capability, you can open a browser on one side and the zoom window on the other). When you start a game, you’ll be given a unique room code on your screen. Just pull up on your device’s web browser, and enter the room code to play along.

The game options we have are for anywhere from 3-8 players. If the player spots are full or you join in the middle of a game, you join as an audience member and influence the game by going to and entering the room code (displayed on the game being shared in Zoom).