LGBTIQA+ Advocacy Awards

LGBTIQA+ Advocacy Awards

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About LGBTIQA+ Advocacy Awards

This award recognizes contributions to or advocacy on behalf of LGBTIQA+ communities at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Individuals who have contributed in one or more of the following ways are eligible for consideration:

  • Elevated the status of LGBTIQ-identified persons and/or allies;
  • Helped to improve campus or community policies affecting LGBTIQ-identified persons;
  • Enhanced visibility and awareness of LGBTIQ issues.

We are particularly interested in work done from an intersectional framework, meaning that it accounted for the fact that people experience the world in very different ways depending on the constellation of societally privileged and marginalized identities they hold.

Three awards will be given out; one to an undergraduate student, one to a graduate/professional student, and one to a faculty/staff member. The awardees will be honored at Lavender Graduation.

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    Awards Nominations

    Use the LGBTIQA+ Advocacy Awards Nomination Form to submit a nomination.